We are part of the Lanarkshire Eye-health Network Scheme (L.E.N.S) to save you a trip to the hospital or GP

Your eyes are precious, yet also very fragile. As you may be aware, eyes are susceptible to a number of illnesses and diseases, such as conjunctivitis. Each eye problem varies in severity, but all generally pose a significant risk to your sight and eye health, and should be investigated straight away.

Connolly Opticians are proud to be part of the Lanarkshire Eye-health Network Scheme. This means that you should come directly to see us if you have any concerns over the health of your eyes, instead of going to see your GP or A & E. After all, we are the qualified eye specialists.

It’s also worth remembering that A & E doctors are trained to deal with incidences like strokes, heart attacks, broken bones and sick children but do not have specialist training in dealing with eyes.

The most common problems that you may need to come and see us with are as follows:

  • Red/sore/sticky eyes
  • Itchy/dry/puffy eyes
  • Metallic or other foreign bodies embedded in the cornea
  • Styes/cysts or corneal ulcers
  • Inflammation/allergies

And when you see us, we will do all we can to help you with whatever problem you may have.