Say goodbye to on-the-spot glasses bills.
Say hello to a Connolly Opticians pay monthly plan

When you go to the opticians, do you worry about how much you will have to pay on the day? With our pay monthly plan you can spread out the cost of your future glasses. So when you see us next, you could leave with top-quality glasses without even touching your wallet.

Our plans allow you to build up credit which you can then put towards your new eyewear. But which plan is best for you?


This essential plan requires only £10.00 a month. After one year, you will have saved £120.00 and £240.00 after two, to spend on the new specs of your choice.


Upgrade to a simple price of £15.00 a month. This gives you £180.00 after one year and £360.00 after two. You can upgrade your lenses or choose one of the designer brands.


If you’d like a few pairs of glasses, or want to pre-pay for the quality, designer brands, spending £20.00 a month will give you £240.00 after one year and £480.00 after two.


Those dream glasses don’t have to be out of reach. For only £30.00 a month, you have £360.00 after one year and £720.00 after two, to spend on the top designer brands available. Additionally, you will you can use it to help family members, making those perfect specs easily and affordably obtainable for everyone.