Find lenses that not only help your vision, but fit into your lifestyle too

Are you tired of having to change your glasses regularly, or fed up with the glare or reflection you get when doing your favourite activity?

At Connolly Opticians, there are a variety of lenses, lens coatings and tints to combat these issues and perfectly suit your individual needs.

Varifocal lenses

Varifocal lenses use the latest digital technology to sculpt the surfaces for optimum optical performance. They allow you to enjoy clear comfortable vision for distance, intermediate and near, as well as eliminating the need to carry multiple pairs of spectacles, and remove the inconvenience of swapping and changing pairs.

Sensity Lenses

Whether you are outside or inside, Sensity lenses adapt to the environment for your comfort. When you are inside, your lenses act in the same way as normal prescription lenses. But if you are exposed to sunlight, these will quickly darken to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. What’s more, they reduce glare, eye fatigue and fade back to the normal lens colour when you return indoors.



Coatings could be the ideal solution to help your glasses stay in pristine condition for as long as possible. Multi-Anti-glare (also known as multi-anti-reflective or MAR) coating is essential to reduce eye fatigue and improve comfort. The lense appear to be invisible but actually have a very slight green ‘bloom’ when you look at them. We would recommend this coating especially if you wear glasses for driving, or enjoy outdoor activities and on occasions when you are likely to be photographed.

Recently a new MAR coating has been developed that blocks harmful blue light from computers and phones, as scientific research indicates that the blue light disrupts sleep patterns. These lenses have a very slight blue ‘bloom’ when you look at them. We would recommend this coating for all computer users.


At Connolly Opticians, you can choose to tint your glasses to make them more suitable for your lifestyle. From a fully UV protected sunglasses tint to a tint for night-time driving, or perhaps polarised lenses for that extra clarity in the sunshine.